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Wedding Video Contest

posted on 2016-09-18 by Kimberly


Wedding INQ would like to recognize all wedding videographers, cinematographer and film makers for their talent and always working hard to keep up with the wedding film making trends. Most wedding clients don't understand or see the kind of work that goes into making their wedding video. Their are thousands of dollars of equipment that needs to be bought and updated from video cameras, lens to gimbals and even a drone for those awesome aerial shots. The hard work comes after the wedding when the film maker needs to sit in front of the computer for countless hours making it all come to life.

Wedding INQ will add one wedding video winners per month and will offer them recognition and a lifetime premium membership to WEDDINGINQ as a gift.

Email us at with the link to your wedding video, description of the wedding day and the equipment used to film it and be sure to add your wedding video business websites so we can properly give the recognition ink our website and social media.

Here is a wedding video from one of our favorite Wedding Film Maker Prodigy Studios!

Amanda + Nate Guam Wedding | Prodigy Studios from Guam Videography Prodigy Studios on Vimeo.

Wedding Vendors Directory is now WEDDINGINQ

posted on 2016-03-09 by Myong

We have updated our name from Wedding Vendors Directory to WEDDINGINQ. You can 'inquire' about your wedding vendors and vendors can get in contact with brides and grooms. We tried to get creative with the name :) This year we have updated our whole look in our website and have beed marketing with social media as well. Follow us at

We also made a simple video for us to add to youtube and vimeo. More videos to come for sure. You can take a peak here.

Wedding Vendors Directory has updated the website

posted on 2016-02-29 by Kimberly

Wedding Vendors Directory has updated the appearance of their website to make it more appealing to the soon to be brides and grooms looking for their perfect wedding vendors. If you are a wedding vendor, you can log into the website at and add your social media links, your profile and photo that appears in your 'detail page' and vendors search listing and one big image on the top of your page. That can be a photo or even an ad for your business!

Clients and friends can now add reviews and star ratings about your business as well and you have the option to keep or delete them.

Our Premium members can also add 15 photos for the slideshow which you can simply pull down your facebook or blog photos to upload. You can also add descriptions of your business with embedded youtube or vimeo videos if you have videos to share.

The website is mobile friendly so it looks great on a smartphone and ipads as well!

We will be sharing your business with our facebook page so please like it at

Link back to us and show us the page and you will get a Premium membership for 2 years as a thank you gift! Email us that link at

Here is the updated 'detail page' look!

Planning a Destination Wedding in Tahiti

posted on 2014-04-13 by Nelly Grange As you can often read Tahiti is a real hidden paradise but why? Why is it different? It is all together exotic, authentic, far from it all and is simply ideal for reconnecting with your beloved ones think of beautiful smiles, exotic flowers, peace and absolute quietness, and think of not just having a couple of hours with your guests but a couple of days to get your nearest and dearest together, and actually spend quality time with them! How does that sound?

My first advice to all couples planning to get married in Tahiti is to get professional assistance from the very beginning lots of couples hire a planner after they have tried to plan the event themselves only to realize they should be the bride and groom on the day of their wedding and not the planners. Getting the help of a Certified Wedding & Event Planner who has been assessed by an industry-recognized educational institute that upholds certain industry practices and standards of operation, insures that you have every detail covered and peace of mind for you and your families.Having a professional and reliable person on location (especially if you are unable to visit in advance of the wedding) to listen to you and understand your wishes and the wedding youre envisioning is a necessity. A professional planner will be your eyes and ears until you actually get on site.

My next advice is to assess that person and make sure that he/she has a good knowledge of the language and the local culture, but with whom you can communicate seamlessly as well. If not fluent in French, the language barrier may lead to some miscommunications with your vendors, who do not all speak or write English, not mentioning that Internet connection in the islands of Tahiti is not everywhere.

Getting to the planning itself, a couple having a destination wedding in Tahiti should take that opportunity to showcase the local food, culture and islands dcor. Whether it is leaning towards traditional French or Tahitian-style, this will distinguish the wedding from the domestic weddings all guests in the wedding party have previously been to. French caterers / restaurants for example are not so used to the American or Australian custom of providing guests with multiple options for each course (for a plated dinner that is). While theyll adapt to the couples requests, couples should be flexible, too, and keep in mind that not everything is readily available in such remote locations (remote is most likely the reason #1 why you chose Tahiti in the 1st place) and that some items might not be available at all. Go with the flow and concentrate on what you feel your guests will enjoy the most.

You are going for a destination wedding in Tahiti to have some exoticism, to have something different. This alone is KEY and a great way to reflect your personalities as a couple. As with a home, planning a destination wedding should all be about location, location, location The warmth and kindness that we met with during our stay in Tahiti was something that completed our wedding experience and made our guests feel at home. a couple said. So if you were thinking of planning a destination wedding to the Islands of Tahiti, stop thinking and start planning!

About the author: Nelly Grange
In 2013, having managed resort operations, sales, marketing and event planning in French Polynesia for over a decade, Nelly decided to merge her passion for the islands of Tahiti, her love for all the details that go into planning a wedding and creativity into one and launched wedOtahiti. When I decided to get in the wedding industry, I knew that I needed a certification that would teach me the ins and outs of the business. I graduated as a Certified Wedding & Event Planner because I knew that this would well complement my Masters Degree in Hotel Management & Marketing, and would give me the knowledge and skills to help every couples dreams come true with minimal amount of stress and frustration.

Company information:
- business name: wedOtahiti
- business URL:
- Facebook
- Twitter
- business email

Photo credit to Helene Havard Photography

How to Budget for you Wedding

posted on 2014-04-08 by Missi Weddings are supposed to be joyous occasions and they often are however, the overall cost of weddings can take its toll on newlyweds. Important aspects are all readily factored into the budget, these usually include the wedding dress, cake, flowers, transport and venue. However, smaller costs, like marriage certificates, wedding stationary and wedding favours often get forgotten. As a result, these costs can impact on the overall cost and force the couple to spend beyond their means, putting even more unwanted stress on the big day. For more information on sneaky wedding costs and how to get around them, read this guide.

Example of Premium Membership

posted on 2012-01-02 by Myong

Below is a image of the difference between a FREE membership and Premium membership. FREE membership allows you to add basic company info. With Premium membership, you'll be able to add your website and blog link, attractive thumbnail image and company info. You can also add a 'brochure' On the right is an image of how a 'brochure' looks like that comes with your Premium Membership. It's Google and search engine friendly so we recommend filling it up with text and photo gallery.

Totally Rad Actions Review

posted on 2008-05-29 by Myong Totally Rad Actions by Boutwell Studios is a must have for all wedding photographers! If you want to increase the speed of your workflow and to create a dramatic photoshop effect Totally Rad Actions is the way to go.

Totally Rad Actions are 'actions' that you can only use in Photoshop CS2 or higher. You import your photo and click 'play' in your action box and within seconds your photo will have the color effect enhancements that Doug and Chenin Boutwell uses on a daily basis. I feel that the Boutwell's are one of the top wedding photographers that is in the wedding industry and has one of the coolest photos around. You can check they're Wedding Photography website at

You will receive 46 actions for your photoshop. My favorite action is the 'pro retouch' which allows me to smooth out people's skin to hide their blemishes, pimples, wrinkles and any other marks. My clients are always thrilled to see how much younger they look when they see the photos. The user can also combine multiple actions to get their unique style. Combining actions is highly recommended and some combination effect can be seen at Totally Rad Actions website.

The actions are super easy to use. After pressing the action button to create the effect, you just brush in the mask to finalize the effect. Some actions don't even need anymore work than simply clicking the 'play button'. They provide video tutorials for those who have no idea how to use Photoshop. In the competitive world of photography business, it is amazing to see photographers sharing their best work to the world. Totally Rad Actions is my personal secret weapon. Here is an example why all wedding photographers should get it.

This is the before photo.

This is the after Totally Rad Actions photo.

You can clearly see the dramatic effect comparison from using the actions. They also have a forum for photographers to share their own photos with effects and ideas. I highly recommend them although my selfish side would want to keep them for myself. You can check them out by clicking the banner below.

Totally Rad Actions Review | Wedding Vendors Directory

Showit Web Review

posted on 2008-05-16 by Myong

Showit Web 2.6 is a must have for all Wedding Photographers. Showit Web is a stand alone software that allows the user to create a flash based slide show with it's own HTML webpage for clients to view. It has one of the fastest streaming ability so that the viewers don't have to wait around too long to watch the slide show. It has many cool features and at a price of $199 for the pro version, it's worth every penny.

Showit Web is very easy to use. One of the menu that's shown above allows the user to add the title, subtitle and a text with a link to your portfolio webpage. You can control the appearance color and add your own logo on top of the webpage.

After importing your images to Showit Web, the user may rearrange the orders by simply dragging the images around. It imports in alphabetical order and not chronological so you have to rename the images if you don't want to rearrange them in this menu. David Jay and the company of Showit understands this issue and I'm pretty sure this will be solved in future updates. Also, as you can see, you can click onto each images and place the red X to tell the program that is where you want to ken burns effect to focus on. For those who might not know, ken burn's effect is another pretty word for the in and out movement of images.

The user may than manually readjust the ken burns effect for more dramatic movements and control the type and length of transitions. I personally leave this alone. Showit Web does a great job of animating the movements where it's not too dramatic or too slow.

Here is what separates Showit Web from the rest of the slide show software. This menu is where the user can create every image transition to the beat of the music. If done manually with other softwares, it can take hours, painstakingly creating transitions in the timeline with the beat of the music. Here's how Showit Web does it. Import your favorite music. Click record and as the song is playing in real time, click the space bar at every beat of the music that you like. Showit web will record this. After, click 'apply' and your slide show will play with the each images transitioning to the beat of the music. How cool is that! It also has it's own fully licensed music with the beats recorded for even faster method of creating your slide show.

The user can than publish this into the computer but must manullay be uploaded to the server via FTP program. It will also give you codes to be used in your myspace or blog as well.

Conclusion: Showit Web is so far my favorite slide show program. It is native to both PC and Mac users. It takes short time to create a slide show in it's own HTML webpage and the only software that can create the slides to the sound of the music with ease. After the slide show is finished, it will go into thumbnail mode which the viewer can look through the images indivdually. It is very user friendly and the support that you receive from the Showit company is very responsive. The big downfall is that it doesn't have the ability to create a DVD out of it but in replace, you can create a 'Showit DVD' account with the Showit company and the user can order the DVD after finishing watching the slide show online. Showit will create an attractive DVD case and mail them directly to the client. I have heard of third party softwares that allows you to export the slide show to Proshow and then use that software to create a DVD. The sad news is Proshow does not support Mac users. Overall, Showit Web is a must have for all Wedding Photographers. Go to for more details. Click Here to see a sample of the slideshow in action.

Wedding Vendors Directory Launches

posted on 2007-12-06 by Myong Wedding Vendors Directory has officially launched. This is a site with a sole purpose of making search for wedding vendors from photographers to wedding coordinators and easy and simple experience for engaged couples and all people. This is a Beta version so it may still have some minor issues here and there so if you come across anything weird, please email us at This will be greatly appreciated. Currently, the site doesn't look proper when using Safari web browser. This will be fixed asap. Thank you for stopping by.