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Vendors in San Diego, California

  • Sara France Photography (
    4210 Ohio Street
    San Diego California 92104
    Telephone: 619.795.7700
    Website | Blog

    First, thank you for coming to my page and showing an interest in me and my photography. I am so excited to share my images and my life with you. I hope that you are blessed by it in some way.  

    I have discovered that people often assume I speak french because of my last name but unfortunately I do not. However, you should know that I am french and my grandmother grew up in France. When she moved to the US to start her new life she quickly adjusted to the new language and felt it was important to adapt and learn the new language. So, yes I am French and no I do not speak the language.

    Thank you again for having an interest in me and my work. Please comment and interact with me here. 

    My Passion

    My passion is for photographing people. I am a true people person and the days I love the most are the days I get to go out with my camera and capture the true beauty of people, and their relationships with others. I am so blessed to be a part of couples wedding days. I love what I do and I am absolutely living my dream.

  • Alec & T. of creative control (
    7514 Girard ave 1-132
    San Diego California 92037
    Telephone: 619 564-1588
    Website | Blog | Brochure

    Alec and T Photography specializes in destination wedding photography and Video for Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Cancun,Playa del Carmen. Destination Wedding photographer.Alec and T create award winning majestic wedding movies,wedding videos for Los Cabos, CanCun,Cabo San lucas working in San Diego, LA and Mexico

  • Melissa McClure Photography (
    1221 Huntington Rd
    San Diego California 92046
    Telephone: 760-504-8246
    Website | Blog
  • Unveiled Wedding Photography (
    10902 Avenida Benjamin
    La Mesa
    San Diego California 91941
    Telephone: 619-660-2712
  • Joshua Walker Photography (
    Available by appointment.
    San Diego California 92109
    Telephone: 858-220-0346
    Website | Blog
  • Alan Smith Photography (
    4107 Mississippi St
    San Diego California 92104
    Telephone: 619 249 8140
    Website | Brochure
  • Marlo Yoshimoto Photography
    663 S. Rancho Santa Fe #284
    San Diego California 92078
    Telephone: 760.679.6136

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